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15.2.18: VALUEworks hosts Digital Security Roundtable

Today, more than ever, families confront a growing number of threats to their digital presence and privacy. As a leading multi-family office, VALUEworks supports families to strategically and proactively manage risks, including cybersecurity risks. It is organising the Digital Security Roundtable which will be led by Charlie Bain, COO of Digitalis, a London-based company that works discreetly for affluent families. Charlie is a leading adviser in this nascent field of digital risk. With his colleague Meglena Petkova, a former communications expert, they will discuss emerging cyber threats, highlight key vulnerabilities people are often unaware of and advise on how families can maintain both a digital presence and privacy.

The invitation-only event takes place on February 15, 2018 at the VALUEworks offices.