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VALUEworks' clients share our passion and care for entrepreneurship and responsibility. The family members we serve reside in Central Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the US. Many live in Switzerland and have international ties.

A majority of our clients are multi-generational business families. Some have their own Single Family Offices. These families seek state-of-the art wealth structure management and family governance solutions so they can effectively balance their business and family affairs with peace of mind.

Several of our clients are women of wealth, and many are NextGens where parents have passed on the responsability of managing the family business or looking after parts of the family assets to the younger generation. Through our next generation offering, we work closely with younger family members to equip them with tools and knowledge to be prepared for their role within the family and society. We empower our clients to cope with the challenges of being affluent, and to become responsible wealth-owners.

With us, our clients often plan the next stages of their lives, and many wish to give back. With our strong track record in bespoke investment consulting and strategic philanthropy, we support our clients to become not only effective decision-makers but also engaged impact investors and philanthropists, aligning their capital to their values.