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Managing wealth might be daunting and complex, but at VALUEworks we work to empower you to take control of your financial future. We achieve this with bespoke and purpose-driven consulting. In addition, VALUEworks is not an asset manager, so we are able to provide independent investment advice without any conflicts of interest.

Our investment consulting process helps you develop a clear plan that considers your wealth aspirations, your values and the prevailing state of the financial markets. We aim to develop an investment strategy that is long-term, sustainable and impact-oriented, with forward-looking risk and return assumptions that cover all bankable and non-bankable assets and liabilities. This bespoke investment plan undergoes a rigorous scenario analysis to understand potential outcomes. We support you to identify the best investment professionals to work with and ensure they are similarly guided by your values in the management of your assets. Finally, we provide the means to monitor and evaluate your entire wealth in comprehensive and customised financial reports.