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At VALUEworks, we look after your family assets with care and diligence. We enable family wealth preservation, oversee the management of your assets and philanthropy and facilitate a smooth transfer to future generations.

Through our customised approach, we learn about your family structure, values and traditions. Understanding your beliefs and knowing about the needs of family members is crucial. Through holistic wealth structuring and management, and in close collaboration with our family advisory and investment consulting teams, we support you to find long-term solutions for estate, succession and tax planning, family philanthropy, consolidation, privacy protection and reporting.

When assessing wealth planning options, VALUEworks collaborates with international experts as legal, tax and financial aspects relevant to your family must be examined carefully. Depending on various circumstances, the most suitable trust, company, foundation or charitable structure to hold your family's assets is set up. In managing the structure, we act efficiently and proactively, while cultivating good and regular communication with the family members.