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VALUEworks helps your family address its most relevant risks in a proactive manner. Through an ongoing systematic process that identifies, prioritises and manages family risks, you are able to design concrete action steps to safeguard your family and give you peace of mind.

VALUEworks has developed a strategic and holistic approach to managing family risks, taking into account your family values and vision, each members’ individual life stages and situations, and worldwide assets. Our Risk Management Process serves as a systematic, long-term tool to create mitigation strategies and initiate a robust implementation process.  As a result, your family will be able to identify its most critical risks and create an action plan to address these.

An increasingly important area of risk management is the family's digital security and online reputation management. With trusted experts, we support your family to conduct an audit of each member's online footprint, take control of your cyber-reputation and digital assets, and train family members, particularly the younger generation, on responsible digital behaviour. We offer customised digital trainings and support, should the need arise, to address reputational crises both online and in the media.